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Angers vs Montpellier Prediction – Head to Head France Ligue 1 Predictions

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Angers vs Montpellier Prediction, Betting Tips – France Ligue 1, 10th November 2018.

Angers vs Montpellier Prediction for France Ligue 1 match. Angers goes head to head with Montpellier on 10/11/18. Check out Angers vs Montpellier H2H Preview, analysis, and Prediction. Angers is currently at position 15 in France Ligue 1 table standings while Montpellier is at position 2.

Current Performance in Domestic Leagues for Angers vs Montpellier Prediction

  • In the domestic leagues, Angers has played 12 matches while Montpellier has played 12.
  • Additionally, Angers has played 6 matches at home, 6 away.
  • On the other hand, Montpellier has played 7 matches at home against 5 matches as visitors.
  • Also, Angers has managed 12 points in France Ligue 1 while Montpellier has managed 25 points.
  • In detail, for Angers, this equals 5 points at home and 7 away against 14 at home and 11 away for Montpellier.
  • Additionally, Angers has scored a total of 16 goals in their domestic league while Montpellier has scored 20 .

Goals, Both Teams to Score & NG Statistics for Angers vs Montpellier Prediction

  • The average goals per match at HOME for Angers were 2.7 while those AWAY for Montpellier were 2.6.
  • In the same way, the TOTAL AVERAGE goals scored by Angers is 1.4 as compared to 1.7 for Montpellier.
  • Additionally, the total number of BTS matches for Angers were 7 and 5 for Montpellier.
  • Moreover, BTS has occurred in 3 matches involving Angers as the Home Team.
  • Also, GG/BTS occurred in 3 matches for Montpellier as the away team. To clarify, this data only applies to the teams’ individual domestic leagues.
    On the other hand, no goal (NG) occurred in 2 matches involving Angers as the home team.
  • Equally, NG occurred in 0 for Montpellier as visitors.
  • In total, the number of matches where Angers or opponent failed to score was 3 matches. Likewise, the total NG matches for Montpellier were 1.

Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 for Angers vs Montpellier Prediction

Angers has scored over 1.5 goals in 4 matches while Montpellier has done so in 6 matches. Angers managed over 2.5 goals in 3 matches while Montpellier has managed in 3 matches. Also, Over 3.5 goals occurred in 0 matches for Angers and 0 for Montpellier.

Current form for Angers vs Montpellier Prediction

Thus, Angers current form is average while Montpellier current form is excellent in the France Ligue 1. Angers has 3 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses. On the contrary, Montpellier has an excellent form because they currently have 7 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss in France Ligue 1.

Angers vs Montpellier Prediction: X

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