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Paris FC vs Le Havre Prediction

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Paris FC vs Le Havre Prediction, H2H Betting Tips – France Ligue 2, 23rd November 2018.

Paris FC vs Le Havre predictions for France Ligue 2 match. Paris FC goes head to head with Le Havre on 23/11/18. Check out Paris FC vs Le Havre H2H Preview, analysis, and predictions. Paris FC is currently at position 7 in France Ligue 2 table standings while Le Havre is at position 8.

Current Performance in Domestic Leagues for Paris FC vs Le Havre Predictions

In the domestic leagues, Paris FC has played 14 matches while Le Havre has played 14. Additionally, Paris FC has played 6 matches at home, 8 away. On the other hand, Le Havre has played 7 matches at home against 7 matches as visitors.
Also, Paris FC has managed 21 points in France Ligue 2 while Le Havre has managed 22 points. In detail, for Paris FC, this equals 14 points at home and 7 away against 12 at home and 10 away for Le Havre. Additionally, Paris FC has scored a total of 12 goals in their domestic league while Le Havre has scored 17.

Goals, Both Teams to Score & NG Statistics for Paris FC vs Le Havre Predictions

The average goals per match at HOME for Paris FC were 1.4 while those AWAY for Le Havre were 1.5. In the same way, the TOTAL AVERAGE goals scored by Paris FC is 0.9 as compared to 1.3 for Le Havre. Additionally, the total number of BTS matches for Paris FC were 4 and 7 for Le Havre.
Moreover, BTS has occurred in 1 matches involving Paris FC as the Home Team. Also, GG/BTS occurred in 1 matches for Le Havre as the away team. To clarify, this data only applies to the teams’ individual domestic leagues.
On the other hand, no goal (NG) occurred in 2 matches involving Paris FC as the home team. Equally, NG occurred in 3 for Le Havre as visitors. In total, the number of matches where Paris FC or opponent failed to score was 6 matches. Likewise, the total NG matches for Le Havre were 4.

Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 for Paris FC vs Le Havre Predictions

Paris FC has scored over 1.5 goals in 4 matches while Le Havre has done so in 5 matches. Paris FC managed over 2.5 goals in 0 matches while Le Havre has managed in 2 matches. Also, Over 3.5 goals occurred in 0 matches for Paris FC and 0 for Le Havre.

Current form for Paris FC vs Le Havre Predictions

Thus, Paris FC current form is average while Le Havre current form is good in the France Ligue 2. Paris FC has 5 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses. On the contrary, Le Havre has a good form because they currently have 6 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses in France Ligue 2.

Paris FC vs Le Havre Prediction: 1

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